In life, it's not where you go
It's who you travel with.
Have you often thought you'd like to try cruising, but feel like it would be more fun if there was a group of you to go?
Me too!

As much as I love cruising, there is one way to make it better. And that’s cruising with a group of awesome people to take the fun to the next level. Having a group of people around you who have similar interests or are there for the same reason can take a cruise from being a nice holiday you enjoy to a memorable experience you’ll still be talking about for months and years afterwards. Not to mention the great friends you make along the way! There really is something magical about cruising with a group.

Whether it's your first or your 40th cruise, I have an ocean of knowledge, passion and experience and I want you on my next group cruise!

When you book an Ocean Time Group Cruise...

Group cruising with me opens up a tonne of perks that you don’t get access to when booking on your own!

When you book an Ocean Time Group cruise, you get exclusive access to the Ocean Time Cruisers only Facebook group where you get access to:

  • early notification of any special cruise extras going on sale

  • can get to know your fellow cruisers before we depart and get hyped up for our trip!

  • special tips and tricks to save you time and money leading up to our cruise

  • Free download of my ‘Ultimate Guide to Cruising’ ebook series — valued at $14.99 per book

  • Access to exclusive Ocean Time events including Sail away parties, Cabin crawl, Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Slot Pull in the casino, Casino coaching lessons AND MORE!!


You also get entry into a special Ocean Time cruisers only pre-boarding party in our city of departure, and of course, dedicated access to me, your cruising expert! I will be available leading up to and throughout the cruise to answer all your questions and offer my insider tips. I may also have other surprises up my sleeve that I keep secret until it’s time to cruise!

How to be on our next group cruise!

To book onto an Ocean Time Group Cruise, contact our travel agent Gabbie and mention "Ocean Time, H.O.T or S.P.O.T Cruise" and she'll get you all organised! There is a one time Ocean Time fee of $100 per person on top of your cruise fare to help with the organising costs of the group cruise.

Gabbie’s contact details:

Ph: 07 3861 9011



Still have more questions? Click here to send me an email and we can have a chat!

Upcoming Group Cruises

20th January 2023

South Pacific Ocean Time Group Cruise- S.P.O.T


Quantum of the Seas

10 nights - South Pacific out of Brisbane

Vila and Mystery Island and Noumea

28th October 2023

The Inaugural

Halloween Ocean Time Group Cruise- H.O.T cruise

Quantum of the Seas

7 nights - South Pacific out of Brisbane

Mystery Island and Port Vila